Front doors: One size doesn’t fit all

Front doors: One size doesn’t fit all

It’s surprising how many customers believe that front doors are pretty much a ‘one size fits all’ product. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the amount of choice at your disposal is startling.

Think about it. You have to decide on the right colour, style and design, then even choose the furnishings to go with it. Do you want a letterbox, spyhole, or knocker? Which handles do you choose? But this range of choice can only be a good thing, as it means every door is different in its own way. It’d be dull if everything looked the same after all!

So what’s your first choice? This will be the style of door you opt for and tends to come down to your property. Traditional doors such as the Victorian and Edwardian style are popular with period homes, whilst contemporary front doors and suitable for the modern property.

No matter which you opt for, our composite doors will serve your every need. They’re strong, resilient to weather and impacts, whilst having fantastic security to keep you safe throughout the year. To top it all off, the GRP skin can be a colour of your choosing and provides that extra layer of resilience to complete the door.

So once you’ve decided on a style and colour, the next step is to think about the specifics of the door. Do you want it to open inwards or outwards? Of course you’ll need to think about your home for that. You don’t want a doorway to be restricted when it’s open for instance.

Now what about natural light? Do you get a lot of light in the hallway and is this something you’d like to address? If so, consider extra glazing with the new front door to brighten up your hallway.

Then there are the bits and bobs you might forget about such as the frames and whether you want the inside and outside to be a different colour. Everything’s there for you to pick and you’ll be able to get the perfect front door for your home.

With Adoored you can design your new door online, looking at every option at your disposal. We’ll then be able to arrange a survey of your home, measure up and fit the new door within just 31 days.