Improve your home with a composite door

Improve your home with a composite door

The front of any home is very important, providing much needed kerb appeal to the property. With your home you’ll want to have a fantastic appeal, with a well-kept front garden and driveway, plus a great looking door.

But there’s much more to the front door than this. You’ll need an installation that’s energy efficient, secure, weather resistant and looks brilliant. And of course, you won’t want to spend a fortune. But don’t worry, because a composite door will give you everything you need without breaking the bank.

First off, with a composite door you get an amazing range in choice. Every home looks different, which is why a composite is such an appealing installation. You can handpick your style and colour to create a home that stands out from the crowd.

And there really is plenty at your disposal. Of course there are the traditional colours of black and white, but you could also select red, blue, green or even woodgrain effects. Then you have to choose a style, with options including Victorian, contemporary and country.

uPVC front doors are the cheapest on the market, but their major weakness is security. They can be quite thin and as shown by the experts, often too easy to break into. This is a massive difference to composite doors, which have a wooden core for thermal efficiency, covered with a Glass Reinforced Plastic skin.

Not only do you have the excellent styles and sophistication, but you also have the protection your home deserves. Composites are resistant to weather and don’t dent on impact. With superb locking mechanisms too, you can ensure your home is as safe as houses.

So how long will your composite door last? In fact, you’ll be able to benefit from all of the above for decades and at Adoored with offer a 10-year guarantee for every installation. That means you can be sure in the quality of your front door.