uPVC vs. Composite doors

uPVC vs. Composite doors

When it comes to replacing a front door, the composite is leaps and bounds ahead of its nearest rival, the uPVC door. So why is it that the composite front door is preferred to uPVC and wooden installations?

There are many differences between the three options but composite doors are the standout choice for most British homes. With plenty of styles and colours on offer, you can find the perfect front door to complement your home.

So why is composite the best option?

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uPVC front doors

uPVC is a favourite in the construction market and this material is used in the windows, doors and conservatory industries. uPVC is generally inexpensive and for your front door would be the cheapest option. On top of this they’re typically easy to keep clean and will do a reasonable job in thermal efficiency. But what’s the catch?

One of the major problems is strength and security. For a front door you need excellent security features and unfortunately uPVC front doors aren’t the answer. Experts have proven just how easy it is for an uPVC door to be kicked in.

Wooden front doors

So you want the excellent aesthetic appeal of real wood for your front door right? Yes, it’s true that a timber front door looks great but when you’re making such as serious investment you need to ensure all bases are covered. If you live in a Conservation Area or listed building then you may be restricted in the door you can install and wood could be the only option.

But if you have the choice, then composite in place of timber front doors would be your best bet. Over time wood is prone to rotting and warping which won’t do your front door any good and the efficiency levels aren’t as high compared to composite doors either.

Why choose a composite front door?

There are many reasons to consider a composite front door over wood and uPVC. First off, a composite door could be a lot cheaper than you’d imagine. With a large range of stunning styles and designs on offer at Adoored you can get something which looks brilliant. You can even choose a woodgrain effect front door to give the appeal of natural wood but without the problems the real thing presents.

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Many modern properties now have white uPVC window frames and you may be keen to match these with your new front door. But this is no reason to neglect a composite door. At Adoored you can choose the perfect styles and colours to perfectly complement your home.

Composite doors are designed for quality and security too. When installed you’ll have a strong, weather tight, secure and virtually maintenance free finish that’ll last for years. Composite doors come standard fit with our superb police approved locks to ensure your peace of mind and keep you safe all year round.

And you don’t have to worry about performance either. Composite doors have fantastic energy efficiency that will help to reduce those expensive energy bills, locking heat in your home rather than letting it escape.

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